Jewellery Gifts

Jewellery Gifts – 7 Things to Consider

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If you’re hoping to give your loved one something special or hoping to treat yourself to something that will really make you smile, then why not choose something personal and long-lasting such as birthstone jewellery?

Jewellery gifts are special and unique, especially enhanced by gemstones depicting the birth month, zodiac month or birthday of the week.

Choosing a gift for someone is not an easy task. There are a lot of things you can gift but, jewellery gifts really are a perfect gift for someone special.

Jewellery gifts can be a piece of good quality jewellery useful for all occasions ranging from a romantic dinner to a work party to re-occurring occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Christmas.

Remember when choosing birthstone jewellery gifts, they don’t have to be expensive.

When gifting birthstone jewellery, think about how many different types of jewellery gifts there are; earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, charms, keyrings and so much more. All are suitable gifts for your loved ones, all year-round.

With all the options available birthstone jewellery gifts are ideal gifts to make your loved ones feel valued, all the while adding personal touches that will make them treasure what you’ve given them. In fact, choosing birthstone jewellery as a gift is a popular choice for many people because it shows you have chosen something personal from the month they were born.

Jewellery Gifts-7 Things to Consider Before Buying

A woman's hands holding a green wrapped jewellery giftIf you are looking to buy jewellery gifts, there are several things you should consider before making your selection.

  1. The person’s personality
  2. The age of the individual you are gifting the jewellery to
  3. Would they want something that symbolises something?
  4. Would they want a specific gem?
  5. The occasion
  6. The gift price
  7. Your budget

Before deciding on jewellery as a gift consider also whether you would like the piece of jewellery to include a birthstone and find out which birthstone it is.

Your jewellery choice should be made on the basis of your relationship with the recipient as well as on the occasion of the gift.

Do consider whether the recipient is allergic to certain metals when purchasing jewellery for them.

High-quality jewellery makes a great gift for almost any occasion and is always a treasured gift, it can even become a family heirloom for generations to come. 

Fine jewellery can be given as a gift to men, women, teens and babies.

Jewellery Gifts for Women-10 Things to Consider Before Buying

Buying a jewellery gift for women can be difficult because women often use different types and colours of jewellery to accessorize their apparel.

It is important to understand that different colours and styles can fit into different occasions and events.

For example, a woman might wear a 14kt gold necklace to beautify a silky shirt and she might wear a necklace with a coloured stone to match the colour of that very same shirt or outfit.

Consider her tastes in clothing and jewellery and consider these questions when choosing a piece of jewellery for your partner:

  1. What type of jewellery does she like to wear?
  2. What are her favourite colours?
  3.  Does she like silver jewellery or gold jewellery?
  4. Does she like small and delicate jewellery or large and showy jewellery?
  5. What is her birthstone and does she like it?
  6. What colour gemstone would she like to wear?
  7.  What is her style?
  8. What piece will she like?
  9. Will this piece match her everyday style?
  10. Will she wear it?

Jewellery Gift Ideas For Women

Jewellery Gifts for Men-4 Things to Consider Before Buying

A man straightening his necktieIf you’re considering a jewellery gift for a man, be sure that he wears jewellery before you go shopping.

It’s a good idea to check because although some men wear a gold necklace or a ring or two, others will only wear a wristwatch and wedding band.

Some men even have gold earrings, but you’ll want to be sure beforehand.

Considerations and questions when choosing jewellery for men:

  1.  When choosing jewellery for men is its size. Make sure that the ring or necklace will fit the person.
  2. Consideration whether the jewellery is durable. For example, men are more likely than women to keep their rings on all the time whereas women often remove rings when they are showering, cleaning and working with their hands, so it is important that the jewellery is made of hard material.
  3. Is the jewellery a reasonable price? Men tend to buy things that they consider valuable. This is why it’s a good idea to buy rings and necklaces made of precious metals – they will be considered valuable and will be worn more often. Women also love precious pieces of jewellery but, will have no problem wearing cheap sparkly bling if it looks good and matches their outfit.
  4. Does he wear gold, silver or other types of metal jewellery? Gold is a good decision if he prefers a more traditional look. Silver can be a good option if he prefers semi-formal styles. Platinum and palladium are great choices, but they can be pricey.

Jewellery Gift Ideas For Men

Jewellery Gifts for Teens-13 Things to Consider Before Buying

Teen girl with Punk HairstyleWhen choosing a  jewellery gift for teens, consider the following questions:

  1. What will they wear with it?
  2. Will the jewellery be worn in public? Teenagers will want to show off their jewellery in public. Make sure the jewellery is durable enough to withstand rough treatment.
  3. Is it going to be worn for special occasions?
  4. How do they plan to clean it?
  5. How expensive do I want the piece to be?
  6. Is it durable?
  7. Is it appropriate for their age?
  8. Are they following a particular fashion i.e Gothic, Streetwear, Punk, Boho?
  9. Do they wear multiple necklaces, multiple earrings, or multiple bracelets?
  10. Do they have a preference for one type of jewellery?
  11. Do they have a favourite colour?
  12. Do they have a favourite gemstone? If so, would they like the gemstone to be their birthstone?
  13. Would buying a real 10kt or 14kt gold jewellery piece be wise if they are going to wear it to school or in public places?

Teens are usually very particular when it comes to the types of jewellery they will wear.

They often go along with modern fashions, but also enjoy a bit of individuality with their jewellery. They enjoy wearing rings and bracelets, especially necklaces and earrings. Body jewellery is also a favourite.

Every teen will be different in the way they dress and accessorize, so get to know their dressing patterns before buying the gift.

How much jewellery should teens wear? One or two pieces made of basic metals like silver or gold are enough for teens.

Jewellery Gift Ideas For Teens

Jewellery Gifts For Babies-Don't Forget Mummy

Choosing a birthstone jewellery gift for a baby based on the baby’s birth month is a great gift for a baby.

Most baby jewellery gifts for babies are bracelets and bangles.

Necklaces are also great but, because of the dangers of a small baby wearing something around its neck, they should be kept as a keepsake for when the baby is older and not worn.

Mummy-to-be jewellery is becoming more popular and makes a lovely present for an expectant mother especially if it carries the birthstone of the unborn child.

There are many jewellers who specialise in this type of jewellery and can be found online or in local stores.

Also popular for Mums-to-be are gifts with birthstones of herself and all her children.

Jewellery Gift Ideas For Babies